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Ride DMC have never been a company that sticks to the bread and butter of motorcycling. We have always gravitated towards higher end machines and love the performance and beauty of the motorcycles we sell. And it is in this spirit that we have approaching our new range of electric bicycles.

It would be a lot easier to join the crowd and produce generic looking bikes. But where’s the fun in that? We want to sell bikes to be proud of, bikes to show off on, something that will gather a crowd wherever it goes. Driven by our desire to bring something truly new and exciting to the market we have teamed up with our manufacturers to bring you a range of quite startling looking bikes.

Our electric bikes will go through a similar pre-delivery inspection to our motorcycles, we have fully equipped workshops and trained technicians. This will also be reflected in after sale care, we have a reputation to maintain and we jump through hoops to keep that up.

The bikes can be collected from our showroom in Dartford or we offer a fully assembled delivery service, no spanners needed.

Beach Cruiser

The fantastic Ride DMC Beach Cruiser. A smooth ride and great styling make this electric bike one of the best out there. Available in a variety of colours and with optional extras.

Beach Cruiser Electric Bike
EC1 electric bike by RideDMC


Super stylish and a joy to ride about town. The Ride DMC EC1 e-bike.

The coolest electric bikes on the street

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